17th And Capp EP_01


It’s a story, most likely a long one, about a story. It’s a story within a story. It’s a bunch of stories about a story. It’s about 1990’s San Francisco. It’s a movie about a professional skateboarder falling off. Or maybe a movie about a bunch of degenerate grafitti kids who start smoking heroin and sell stolen walkmans at 16th and Mission. Something like that. It’s the making of documentary, before the movie is even written. I’m using this podcast as research to develop a story idea I’ve been juggling in my brain for over a year now. There’s so much to it that the best way to get it out is to just to start digging. So here I go. Dig away.

Here’s some of the things I talk about in Episode 01.

Mike Conway Thrasher cover 1995
Butter ICP Crew
Mister Element
Spie IRIE TMC Crew

Pink = Rick Dalton (No clue how I forgot his name!!!)

Orange = Cliff Booth

Purple = Sharron Tate

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