My new home.

My new home.

I’d like to give a healthy thumbs up to Art School Vets and everyone else who’s helped me out and let me so called crash on their cyber couch, but as of right this second, I’ll be doing my own thing, thank you very much.

Considering how fast people will pat you on the back and say things like, “oh well, you tried” and so on and so forth, I think it’s best if I just stay over here on this little side of things were I can kind of, you know, be the guy I wanna be.

Not saying Art School Vets said or did anything of the sort. Those guys supported my blog.

Thank you. But like I said, I gotta be the guy I wanna be.

And the guy I wanna be could give a fuck about how many “fans” I have, or how much “money” I make or how “successful” I am, yada dada, hoo ha, and all that jazz.
I wanna be good at what I do. I have pride. Not just in my comedy shit, but in my crappy skateboarding, my drawing, stories, and yes, this blog right here.
I wanna be good at what I do, and you know what they say, “you got to live the journey, got to live the journey, cause the destination, is just a gateway, to another journey.”

People seem to forget how much control we have over our own destiny’s in 2012. It’s crazy. And I’m not gonna complain about shit, actually yes I am, that’s what I’m good at.

But I’m gonna do it my way, Frankie baby.

And it’s my way or the highway.
So here I am. New day. New way.

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