So here I am, back on it.

“It” being my daily thousand-words-a-day writing workout. I started a few months ago, and now I’m on

the first draft of my second story.

The first draft of the first story is 56,000 words. Let’s see where this next one goes.

You never know, but there is something I do know, and that’s the revelation I had today, while I was

writing I thought to myself this profound-ass shit.

I thought,

“If I never actually sat down and started writing, I would never have seen that I could actually just sit

down and write.”

It’s as easy as that. I also thought,

“Damn, I’m most likely gonna finish a book or two at this pace.”

And it’s true. At 1000 words a day, even taking off the weekends, you could write quite a few books in

a small window of time, and even more in a lifetime.

But it’s not about quantity, but more importantly, while the world is jerking its collective meat on the

bullshit of mindless internet porn, Internet Games, Internet dating, and even, yes, THIS FUCKING


I’ll be working out the muscle of the mind, and sharpening the sword, known as the pen, which some

say is mightier than the sword.

Who did say the pen was mightier than the sword? I bet they’re dead. Probably stabbed to death, by

some maniac with a sword and good hearing, like, “What you say?”


I prefer the saying that my homeboy Noah D likes to say, “Ain’t nothin to it, but to do it.”

Of course, he said that mostly when we were doing fuck all, but you know what, I get it, and it makes


Shut up, stop fuckin tweeting about it and do it.

Cause for real, aint nothin to it but to do it.

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