Happy Birthday John Coltrane.

Happy Birthday John Coltrane.

Yes. It’s September 23rd once again!

In this house it’s a high holiday and worthy of a mention as the day the greatest influence in my life was brought into this world.

John Coltrane.

Happy birthday buddy!

Although John ascended in 1967 his deep philosophies continue to spread through out the universe thanks to the wonders of the time machine known as the record and to our joyous delight, FILMS!

John Coltrane was one of those few, rare artists who separated himself from his artistic medium by means of just absolute brilliance.

He’s not JUST an amazing saxophone player, he’s so much more than that.


I wanna be like John Coltrane.

The relentless work ethic.

The disregard for boundaries in art. The disregard for labels and words to describe himself.

He wanted each and every listener to find out for him or herself what was happening. He wanted each person to discover through repeated listening the joy and passions for life he was expressing in his constant quest for the perfect tone and musical vibration.

Coltrane went above and beyond politics, religion and music as a business. He was traveling into dimensions unknown, fearless and devoted to what the voice in his head was telling him was right and important, often going strongly against the will of the musical media, many of who labeled him as angry, and alienating his listeners with his later styles of musical exploration.

And what exploration it is. Fuck anyone who wants to be comfortable and mold there music or art around what “works” and “makes money.”

That’s not how John Coltrane did it, and that’s not how I’d like to do it either.

John Coltrane was literally building musical pyramids.

Works of spiritual art to be gazed upon for generations to come.

Of course, many people won’t get it. They won’t get the message and they won’t like the music. They don’t want to. Some people don’t want the truth either. They probably won’t see the space ships when they land either, and even if they did they would grab their guns and start shooting because they can’t see a universe of peace and love and perfection and they don’t want to even try to search for it.

They’re simpletons. Let them have their Biebers.
I’ve got my gods and they got theirs.



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