New York pictures

New York pictures

They love those flags over there. They do. Flags galore. And why not. America’s the greatest country in

the world.

……And it is the best nation in the world. Is that a wig next to a half eaten slice of pizza? COME ON!!!


Waiting for Chris D’Elia to come rock the classic spot. Of course he did.

I also went to the Comedy Cellar, UCB, and to see Hannibal Buress at the Knitting Factory. New York

has a very good stand up scene goin right now, full of cheap shows and insanely good comedians.

Shout to Tony Woods who almost made me puke I laughed so hard. Good times.

Old Sacer rooftop. Miss you bro.

Chinatown REPRESENT!

If you talk shit about Chinese people you’re not a history major or a food connoisseur.

Chinese people invented everything good that’s wrapped in a noodle and boiled.

Looks like the 80’s, but trust me, it’s not.

This is some isolated grime left over and untouched. Most of NYC is clean clean clean.

I did bump into Jeffery Lewis but he was too busy doing his comics to hang out.

Good luck on the tour Jeff and if you’re in America, GO SEE JEFFERY LEWIS LIVE!

He rules.

My friend Joshua couldn’t hang out either, because he was busy working behind the scenes bein a


Wokin on this show…. Nice work Joshua.

Speaking of nice work, Thanks to Mark Cross for hooking me up with my new tattoo and long live

Margaret Kilgallen.

JESUS! Speaking of living long. I bumped into that professional lurker Bobby Puleo! It’s been a long

time since Bobby and I hopped freight trains, and he’s finally got the beard he’s always wanted. Nice

Work Bobby.

UFO 907’s still rollin.

AMERICA! FUCK YEAH! So glad I hit up New York, but apologies to any unborn children I might be

fathering in the future because I spent your college tuition. Oooops. AMERICA!

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