Tons of Guns.

Tons of Guns.


It’s yet another bone chilling, hug everyone you know and love, because you never know when you’re gonna go, day in the life of an average civilian in 2012.

It’s nothing new. A shooting at a mall, a movie, a high school, a university and now, a kindergarten?

What next? Is someone gonna shoot up some new born babies?

As a sociopathic society, there’s really nowhere darker we can go.

Some claim it’s a lack of God.

Yes, we live in a world were moments after a mass killing of children, a guy told the world point blank that God is mad at us, because we took him out of the schools, so God is killing our babies.

But, which God does he mean?

In which God does America trust?

The one that funds wars in other countries, and straps up its military to shoot up villages of would be terrorists, many of whom evidently provide the world with terror only in a response to a call from a God, who for some reason or other says something different than the next mans God and the next thing you know, we have even more dead children, and blood everywhere and of course the cameras are rolling, and there’s the sympathetic news journalist, with a tear in his or her eyes, saying

“We’re here live and FIRST and on the scene with this exclusive look into a very violent situation. What a tragedy…..Sadness…..Crying……You heard it here FIRST.”

And psychologists will tell us that the worst thing we can do for the situation is glorify the killer as an anti hero,

but that doesn’t give anyone ratings, SO HERE’S THE GUYS NAME! HERE’S HIS FACEBOOK, OH, IS THAT THE WRONG GUY?????

And Starbucks wants to send their thoughts and prayers to the families. And so does McDonalds, and every other billion dollar corporation and all I can think is instead of invisible brain waves that don’t make legislation against this ever happening again, why don’t these big corporations do what they do and buy off some politicians to promote some new gun laws?

OH, Because these corporations “stay out of politics.”

They “stay out of politics” until it’s something like same sex marriage. Or teaching Creationism. Or……Or……

Fuckin assholes.

Speaking of Assholes, it’s time for these fuck nuts to crawl out of their caves so we can hear our favorite saying once again…..


Of course GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE DO, and these days, people kill people with guns, that they legally obtain at a Walmart, load up and point at the next guy, and it is true,


Bullets actually kill the people, but it would be tough to kill someone with a bullet if you didn’t have the gun, or for that matter, the gun powder, so,

YEAH! Let’s blame the Chinese, they invented gun powder. We should go there with our guns and shoot them up.

But wait, China makes our bibles.

And guess what right wing gun maniacs,

LSD doesn’t kill people either, but it’s not legal, and you know what, I can somewhat understand why, because one or two guys might fuck it up for everyone else by getting too high and loading up their legally obtained semi automatic assault rifle and running out of the house screaming,


We live in a world, where people believe the zombie apocalypse, or the Mayan armageddon is realer than humanity itself.

We live in a world that idolizes morons like Rihanna and Chris Brown, and has no idea who Noam Chomsky is.

We live in a world where people send their thoughts and prayers through an electronic box, and then go about their business looking up if Rihanna is still sucking Chris Browns dick even though he’s beaten her to a bloody pulp with the handle of his legally obtained 9mm police issued semi automatic pistol.

I would say God help us all, but this is a people problem, and you know what they say….

God helps those that help themselves.

2 thoughts on “Tons of Guns.

  1. I could not agree more with the statements and opinions expressed and I am assuming your at at a loss as well as how to round the corner on these issues. Wtf people life is awesome and why cant we just respect one another loving and helping not only is easier it feels som much better then any other option why must it be so difficult

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