3 scans of dumb drawings.

3 scans of dumb drawings.

Are you having a horrible day? I am.

My curtains fell and broke.

My broom broke, when I smashed it against the wall because my curtains broke as I was sweeping, and lastly,

my ego broke, when I realized I was living in Germany where the smallest percent of people possible care about stand up comedy.

It’s like being a scientist at a Christian camp. NO ONE CARES!

Oh well. In times of desperate sadness, a little attention goes a long way, and I find that people like to enjoy my dumb drawings! YAY ME!


So here’s three to hope cheer you up enough to comment and say something nice which will then cheer me up, so we can all go on being spoiled rotten white kids in the beautiful first world!!



Monday’s got you down? Just do what Dres and I do.

I (and members of Black Sheep) Live everyday like it’s Saturday. Wake up, go to bed, YO! It’s Saturday again!



A lot of people don’t even know that I make art. A lot of people have no idea that I make art, or make fake situations up, and then sneak around Kreuzberg with a stash of these flyers and hang them up on poles, and then watch from a few meters away as German people wonder why anyone would give away 100 euros for a lost Döner.



This is an ode to drinking and what drinking can do to my insecurities and confidence. I’m most confident around ladies who drink between one and three beers, but as you can see, like everything else, there is a tipping point.

Things can go too far, and they usually do. But you know what I say, it’s better to go to far than to go to farm, although a few months on the farm right now might make me happy.

I’m sick of the sheep in Berlin, maybe some real sheep would change my attitude.

Hope you enjoyed the art show. See you soon on a far too crowded train in the hip city of Berlin.

3 thoughts on “3 scans of dumb drawings.

  1. someone sent me an email today that said something along the lines of “when a 5 pint girl gets a tattoo and think it makes her a 1 pint girl” and it took me a while to work out what they were talking about since I don’t think of beer as “pints” since moving to Germany.
    I have a rule (more like a guideline) of “one beer no fear, two beers turn queer” when I’m skating. I see you got a guide Thursday so I won’t see you at the Skate Halle. Break a leg (and I’ll try not to…)

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