To my BERLIN friends!

To my BERLIN friends!


Hello Berlin friends,

Now here’s a sentence I never in a million years thought I would be writing you, but I am writing you, the morning after performing stand up comedy, in a sold out theater, In Brussels, Belgium.

Yes, I said it, Brussels. Sold out. Performed.

Am I dreaming? TESTING, TESTING. Is this thing on?

I don’t have much time to brag, actually, because a sold out show awaits me tonight, in Antwarp, then we’re off to Dusseldorf, and then, that’s right my friends, this is the part where you can get very excited, if you’d like.

We’re coming to Berlin.

I know, I know. The hype of stand up comedy in Berlin was over before it even started, and I know, I know, techno reigns supreme, and yes, you can drink on the streets and I know, you saw me do stand up three years ago and yawn and boring and I’ll do a show next week and the week after that, but I can say this, my friends, and please listen, I’m with friends, and they aren’t from Berlin, and they don’t perform in Berlin all the time like I do, and if you ever loved me, you would do me this one favor.

If you ever loved me, you would stand out on the streets and tell everyone you meet to come out to the shows we’re doing either Friday or Saturday.

You would stand on the corner, deep in Lichtenberg, and yell at the top of your lungs,


And then you’d hand everyone you saw a flyer and hug them and jump up and down, with tears in your eyes, and everyone would be freaking out, like comedy was some army infantry, sent to save us all from the hells of life, and give us a mental freedom that life has taken away from us.

But alas, reality calls me.



“Hi David, it’s reality.”

“Oh no. Please. No. Just five more minutes. Please! Please! Don’t make me come back.”

“I’m sorry David, you have to come back to reality.”


“Come on David, look on the bright side, you’re getting on a train to Antwarp in an hour, where a sold out show awaits you, and who knows, maybe Berlin will sell out too. It’s always a possibility.”

“Yeah, you’re right, it’s not so bad!”

“YEAH! People love you.”

“OK, reality, now you’re just being ironic.”

“See you Berlin, David!”

CLICK.  (Speaking of click, click photos for Facebook event.)



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