Chapter one.

Chapter one.


So I’m off, trying to re capture the original journey of funk, that spans between my first LSD experience and where ever I end, with California, Noah D, MUSHROOMS, Rainbow gatherings, The Granola Funk Express, The Mission Burrito Project and what not and have forth and so on and so on.

What I need right now is for people to just read this first chapter and tell me what they like and tell me what they don’t like (very important!) so I can get a feel for what is working and what’s not. I, of course, think everything I say is genius, because I am a God, much like Kanye West, full of self confidence and self riotousness, and verbal wisdom.

Keep in mind this is un edited and I’m well aware there are gramatical errors, I’m more interested in story and mood and entertainment critic right now. I have a lovely editor waiting to help me out, after I re write.

You can download the first un edited, un cut, first draft of the first chapter below, and then please, please, please, either comment on the post, message me on FB or send me an email to

Thank you and hope you enjoy it!

To DOWNLOAD click THIS >>>>>>>>>>>> My First Trip

2 thoughts on “Chapter one.

    1. I assume Mr Wenner is one of the winning teachers I’ve forgotten? Then I’ll go ahead and guess the M in M Filipone is Mike. Mike Philipone? Wow. The Internet is a gift from the Gods.

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