You can’t racial profile a white person.

You can’t racial profile a white person.

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That’s the topic of discussion. PROFILING.

If I see one more Tea Party, God Loving, Tomas Jefferson quoting, red neck shit bag say,

“Hey man, Blacks are just as racist, I mean, come on, most black people are shot by other black people, I mean, he said Cracka, because black people are racist as fuck.”

Yes. True. Black people, white people, Jews, Arabs, Italians, and so on and so on CAN all be racist.

Way to spin it, shit bag. That’s not the meat of the stew, fuck face.

The reality is, that a black kid in a hoodie equals SCARY. FOLLOW HIM. Of course. I mean, there were some burglaries in the neighborhood, RIGHT?

No one finds that APPALLING, let alone ILLEGAL, and many, many people won’t even admit George Zimmerman profiled.


That NEVER happens to a white person. NEVER. Not once. You know what guys like Zimmerman, or people of power say when they see a white kid on the corner?

“Oh, look at that white kid. I bet his dad’s a lawyer. I bet his parents are together. I bet he gets A’s in school and will attend a great college. I’m sure if he’s out here breaking the law, WHICH I DOUBT HE IS, I mean, WHY WOULD HE, HE’S PROVIDED FOR, but if he is it’s probably just some weird rebellious thing that young white kids do. Harmless.”

Sure, you can show me lots and lots of black on black crime. Yes. You can show me malicious murdering African Americans shooting up innocent whities. Yes. But you can’t show me an innocent young white kid getting shot by the police or some fuckin hero ass idiot because he “reached for his wallet.”

By the way, imagine if an innocent white kid was shot by a wanna be cop who was black. LORD HAVE MERCY.

You can’t show me video of a nineteen year old white kid randomly stopped, pressed up against the wall and frisked, then taken to jail because he didn’t pay a parking ticket. Doesn’t happen, and if it did, ONE TIME, MAAAAAAAYBE, it was probably because the cop thought the kid was Puerto Rican and it would be buried under the insane amounts of times it has happened to black people in America.

White privilege.

Who knows this better than yours truly, who one time broke down in New Jersey with 60 pounds of pot in the trunk of my Saab 9000.

What happened?

What do you think happened? Police came. I smiled, told him AAA was on the way, he chuckled, helped me push my car off the road and into the Dunkin Donuts where I sat and drank a coffee, watching state troopers come and go and come and go, all the while possessing enough illegal substance to put a black man away for the rest of his life.

Was I scared? NO. Why should I be? It’s sad, but true. I knew, even if I got caught, I could just pay a lawyer, put on a suit, first offense,



Tell me it would be the same for a black person, and I’ll laugh and let you know that THIS is the meat in the stew, and the reason why Americas stew is so fucking disgusting right now.

2 thoughts on “You can’t racial profile a white person.

  1. Guarantee you if Trayvon wasn’t dressed like a hoodlum he wouldn’t have been profiled. I’m white and wear alot of baggy shit and hoodies and I’ve been questioned and harassed at hotels I was staying at among other places for being “Suspicious” while talking on my phone outside, or smoking a cigarette… by black cops and security guards even. That’s just a chance we take for liking a particular style.

    1. So you’re saying that it’s hoodies being profiled? I’m not buying that. Not 100%. I’m not saying white people don’t get harassed by police either. It’s just about the WHOLE of the situation. Some people get it easier than other. You can take off the hoodie. You can put on a suit, a black person can’t remove their skin color. Talk to any famous actor/musician. I remember hearing Mos Def talk about a lady in first class giving him shit, like he didn’t belong there.

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