REVIEW! QUESTLOVE’S BOOK. Mo Meta Blues. Chapter one.

REVIEW! QUESTLOVE’S BOOK. Mo Meta Blues. Chapter one.



I’ve honestly waited over ten years for Questlove to write this book, so perhaps this review might be slightly deceiving and honestly, not so honest at all. It’s a stacked deck, so to speak.

In my humble opinion, this book is a must have for anyone who has ever used the words hip hop in a sentence.

In my humble opinion, and yes, I will give it to you again, it’s my blog, thank you very much, and so, like I was saying, before you metaphysically interrupted me, in my humble opinion Ahmir Thompson is one of the few chosen voices of my generation. I constantly ask people where the Hunter S. Thompson’s are, and where the Kessey’s and the Abby Hoffman’s are. Where are those shakers and movers, who stump the system and kick culture in its nut sack over and over so it doesn’t get too proud of itself?

Right here in this book is one them ladies and gentlemen, and anyone in between for that matter, because Questlove breaks barriers of race and sexuality and gender, and planetary species. This book is a must read for aliens!

As much as I hate on my generation, and it’s energy drinking, lazy, over privileged Iphone having ass, I got a short list of undeniably amazing individuals that are shaping our culture and who’s ideas could bring a positive change to things, and Ahmir Questlove Thompson is on that list.

I remember years ago reading a great story from Ahmir about race, and perception. He was on tour, after a show, hanging out with some girls, who were driving to some bar or after party. They got in the car, and The Cure was playing on the radio. The girl quickly ejected The Cure saying something like, “let me put on something more your style” and threw in the Wu Tang album unaware that one of Ahmir’s favorite bands of all time is The Cure. He of course said nothing, just nodded along to the Wu, and lived yet another day as that guy, with the afro, from the Roots, who people would never in their wildest dreams get to know or be open to anything other than rap drummer. For God sakes people, the man likes everything. LEARN THAT. Buy the book. Shout out to Hall and Oats.

Ahmir Thompson can not be boxed in a category, or label, unless the category is “very hard worker” or “person trying to break categories” or “awesome.”

His writing and his life are parallel universes of the same kind of creative push Ahmir displays along side his Roots bandmates, constantly looking to surprise and inspire the heads, the fans, the friends, and even themselves.

We’re talking about a band that covered Roxanne, here.

After reading chapter one, I can say, that Questlove is on that shit. He’s dead set on doing what’s literally impossible, delivering a memoir that’s truly unique to any other music memoir.

Will he succeed?

In my mind, he already has. On the sheer effort alone. He is the man. He’s our very own Hunter S.

Thank you Questlove.

Long live the Roots, and let’s go EAGLES!

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