John Robertson the Dark Room Comedian.

John Robertson the Dark Room Comedian.


Here’s an interview with comedian John Robertson. He’ll be doing his show, THE DARK ROOM in Berlin next Friday.

Sounds interesting? Come out.


1. What the hell kind of show is this?? 

Yo! It’s a live-action, interactive video game. It’s rock n’ roll and video games. It’s an adventure. It’s the game that plays you. It’s the ultimate test of skill, wit and cunning! It’s a 200 Euro Grand Prize! It’s bondage with jokes. It’s a nightmare you control. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure with a floating head. It’s sex on a stick. It’s prizes mixed with shouting. It’s the cult sensation of the Edinburgh Fringe. It’s surprisingly good for children. It’s fun and fancy and it’s never been done in Berlin before. You’ll love it. Your kids will love it. Love, love, love. THE DARK ROOM.

(No, seriously – this year alone it’s been performed for over 5000 people in three different countries. It’s amazing. I got banned from a theatre for crowd surfing up the stairs. It’s hard to crowd-surf upwards.)

 2. I played the Youtube version. How is it different?

More choices! More interactivity! The game can see you! Imagine being in a room with a big, cartoony Floating Head with a voice like twelve gonads trapped in a velvet bell who only wants what’s best for you – and will punish you if you pick anything that isn’t that. Terrible, terrible prizes – and a 200 Euro prize if anyone escapes.

 3. What role do you play? 

I play everything. I play The Floating Head. He plays the audience. Soon it is over and we are all happy.

 4. Will I win something? Does a person win? Or does the audience win?  I don’t wanna share a prize. 

6 individual players each win a prize. Then the whole crowd plays and everyone gets something. I’m like Jesus with bread and fish, except all I have is cheap noodles and dog food.

 5. Last question, did you ever compete in a rap battle? Tell me how that went. 

I think my rap career was hit by a drive-by about halfway through the first minute. I was the Vanilla Ice to Dave Deery’s Eminem. I’m sticking to video games, where a lack of rhythm is an asset, except in Dance Dance Revolution.

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