THINK. An ode to Carl Sagan.

THINK. An ode to Carl Sagan.

Have you ever stopped to think about life as we know it?

Have you ever looked up at the sun, and wondered what it might be like, if clouds formed in a way, that for some reason, the sunshine could no longer penetrate, and humanity was forced to live in a grey, cold haze?

Has it ever occurred to you how perfect this machine has to be in order for humans, animals and even micro organisms to survive?

The perfection of each of the thousands of pieces, that align each and every time you and I take a breath?

Do you breathe in and out in amazement, of a place, where life can exist, due to circumstances that are so far beyond human recognition it causes humans to have to make up stories about a greater being, because the sheer mystifying truth of it all is so unfathomable, and so awe inspiring it could, and should cripple even the simplest minds into submission.

The perfection of the Earth’s atmosphere, with it’s perfect, bubble like layer of oxygen, and it’s perfect temperature, and perfect system of waterways and minerals and elements that are unseen or unknown anywhere else within the hundreds of thousands of miles humans have explored with spaceships, yes SPACESHIPS.

How stunning is it, that humans have created a machine, that can propel itself into, and beyond the atmosphere, and not only go out of our own world and into unknown worlds, never before explored, but to also be able to return, and live to tell us all about it?

We are constantly witnessing miracles. We are a part of a story that dates back millions of years. Millions of years. That alone is stunning. MILLIONS!

At my darkest times, I feel a sense of meaninglessness and worthlessness. The weight of the infinite universe smothers and chokes my ego, until often I’m to the point of anxiety. But in reality, when I look at the greater picture, I’m a part of something so big and awe inspiring, regardless of how small, individually I am. Even if I’m just one step in a million mile march, without each step, the million mile march could never happen. Each letter of a book has a value. Every ingredient is needed to make that perfect sauce. And while some might give a greater value to certain steps of a journey, like, for example, the last step, they can be reassured and reminded that the last step is not possible without the hundreds of thousands of steps before that one. We as people, and myself as an individual, need to take a few minutes every once in a while to appreciate the many steps that have come before us and the many steps that will come after us. We need to feel the importance of the trees. The waters. The grass. The Sun. We need to feel inspired by perfection and chance, and we need to do our part to continue to fuel the survival of man and beast and all things living. Yes, your hip hop record is important. Your birthday party is important. Your date is important. Your shoes, your instagram and your hair are all important. But please just take some time to think. Think about things you might not usually think about. Think about space. Think about life. Think about flowers and photosynthesis.

Feel the immenseness of the world we live in. It’s beautiful. It’s perfect.

And you’re a huge part of that.

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