Theo Hand EP_07 show notes

Theo Hand EP_07 show notes

I’ve been wanting to do this for every episode, but hey, I’m not perfect! Here’s some of the things we talk about. All these photo’s and the descriptions are from Theo! Descriptions are under the photo. Enjoy.

Tobin Yelland

June 1991 I bought my first “real” camera from Tobin Yelland. This is the first photograph I took just after the life changing purchase of a Nikon FM2.

Hanzy Driscoll and ISEE

Some people I miss more than others. Hanzy is one of those people I miss a lot. Great vibes, great skating, big heart! This photo is 5 min. from his house (where I was staying) and we were there about 5 min! Every time we shot together had a similar ease to it.  

Justin Strubing

I think I annoy Justin, but he would never tell me. I love him to death, greatest guy on the planet and always fun to shoot photos with. This spot got hit up a lot while it lasted and Justin makes quick work with a pivot fakie that’s always harder than he makes it look.

Kit Erickson

Skating from Guerrero & Duboce to the Safeway curbs was almost a daily routine. On this day I didn’t bring my camera as the plan was to just “cruise around”. I guess Kit was feeling good this day, and just decided to ollie over this guy sleeping. I immediately told him to stop so I could run back uphill to the house, grab my camera, skate as fast as I could back down, and then get the shot before the guy woke up! Its now one of my favorite memories of shooting photos with my best friend. 

Lavar McBride

Late night is your best chance at hitting this ledge at B of A downtown S.F. Lavar lands a switch crooked grind seconds before the security guard decided he wanted to tackle me. 

The Russian Security guard!

Probably not a good idea to shoot a photo of a big angry security guard while he’s kicking you out. Thanks to “Slim” for saving me and camera gear! 

When the Oakland hill caught fire, the result was dozens of empty swimming pools. Matt Neeley was not only a great friend that I grew up with, but he happened to be one of the best pool skaters in history. This photo is one of the Images I gave to Lance Dawes at Slap to get a job. When he asked me if Matt landed the “wheeler”, I recalled in detail how Matt not only landed it bit as he rolled down, his wheels rolled over my toes, (near the shallow end stairs) looked back and apologized, and continued his line. I didnt think much of it at the time, but when I went back to Slap and saw this photo was on the cover, well, mind blown!

Coco Santiago

Coco is one of the first Pro skaters that I shot (and skated with) a lot. It was rare, but in this day he had a specific trick he wanted to get. He got that trick pretty easily so he gave this kick flip about 4 tries. Not even close. The next try he got it perfectly and surprised the both of us! Soon after developing the film I went to print the photo at Tobin’s house. This ad. Is scanned from that print. (Insert photo: Gabe Morford)


Santa Cruz “Cannery” 91 or 92. One of my first photographs ever. Case in point, one flash on camera! I got lucky with this one, and it helped to have a friend like Jaya that was down to let me learn how to shoot photos, while he skated.

Jaya Bonderov

This spot is gnarly. Steep rough and hard to hit. I really liked this photo and was so bummed when Lance didn’t want to publish it because of his dark shirt! I do have a sequence of Kit ollieing here that ran in Slap, but this one was never published anywhere. No one was filming, but Jaya bombed the hill full speed all the way down a couple blocks after this ollie.


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