OK, before I jump on my bike and ride 400 kilometers to Copenhagen, I just wanted to get you all together for one last little moment and try to get a grip on what we all just did.

I think many people would love to give me all the credit for that amazing show we all had last night, but I would say, not so fast buddy.

It was the atmosphere that made it special. The vibe in the room was so full of energy it felt like I could have walked on the air through the crowd, looking down on everyone.

I was floating for sure, and you, the supportive friend made it happen.


For one night in Berlin, I was as delirious as Eddie Murphy. I was killing them softly like Dave Chappelle.

I chewed em up like Louie.

Then I sang a song and left. But not without feeling the love.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s supported me for four years of stand up comedy, and thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed NO DIGGITY!


It was a smash!