Nine scans to make you happy.

Nine scans to make you happy.

Not to sound too out there or nothin, but if three really IS the magic number, than imagine the power of NINE because that’s three three’s. Or better yet, imagine twenty seven, because that’s three three’s, three times.

Ok, you’re right, that’s too much for your tiny little brain to think about right now, so let me get to the point, which is this,

I don’t have time to scan twenty seven things anyway, so here’s nine things, all pulled out of my magic box of things that existed before the Internet and therefore have yet to be “shared” with my “friends” until right now, of course, because I finally got a scanner.

They make me happy, and I hope they can do the same for you.

Let’s start with a prayer, from Mark Gonzales.


Gonz gave me two of those poems when I met him, and I live by them. They make me happy.


A postcard from Bigfoot. HE LIVES!


Once upon a time, rap was good and this guy right here was the best rapper alive at that time.
Me and KRS ONE circa 1994.


Speaking of rap music. Remember when DJ’s were THE SHIT? I do, and here’s proof. Here’s DJ Shortcut in 1995 scratching on a Tuesday night in a small bar called Deco in SF. Every Tuesday they would have dj’s in the basement beat juggling and scratchin all night to a crowd of about twenty people. I saw Q.Bert, Mix Master Mike, Vin Roc, Spider Monkey, and of course Short Cut all getting insane there. I remember watching DJ Q.Bert scratch and the crowd just being mystified and thinking to myself,

“This must have been what it was like to watch John Coltrane in the 60’s.”


This is a REAS coloring book. If you don’t love this, it’s most likely because you have no idea who REAS is and that’s probably because you have Shepard Fairey’s dick in your mouth. Stop sucking Shepard’s dick for two seconds and look REAS up. He deserves some attention.

UPDATE::::: REAS is also known as Todd James. If you google Reas, some other douche bag fake Reas mother fucker comes up, because, well, it’s 2012 and basically, fuck that OTHER REAS.


Everything about this makes me happy. Look at the price tag. Great record, great use of it by one of the best, most slept on, hip hop producers of all time. Prince Paul embodies everything I would want to be in an artist. UBER talented, fun, funny, and doing new shit. If you ever said hip hop had “experimental” moments and didn’t mention Prince Paul, you would be an IDIOT!
Not to mention THE WHITE RAPPER SHOW. WOW. Thank you Prince Paul.


If you don’t know what this is, I feel sorry for you. If you don’t know what this is, but you have a book with the words “Street Art” on the cover, please jump in front of a train, you are the reason I’m so sad and have to post these pictures in the first place.

Learn your history people. If you don’t know Twist, you get an F.


Two for the price of one. That’s Cairo Foster on the top and Justin Strubing on the bottom picture. What a lucky break I had being in San Francisco from 1992 until 1998. I saw Lavar McBride switch BS 180 the Wallenberg big three. I saw Jeremy Wray FS half cab the gonz gap at EMB. I traded Sean Sheffey a half gram of weed for a pair of Vans. James Keltch (Just saying his name says it all,) and I took pictures with some really nice guys I was lucky enough to hang out and skate with. Thank you skateboarding!


That’s a sticker from Probe aka Fancy aka Alicia McCarthy. I really don’t expect anyone to know her, due to the fact that everyone had Reminisce’s name in their mouths, but hey, REM is cool, and so is Probe, I just happen to love the under dogs a bit more.

So there you have it, nine scans to make you happy. I hope. It worked for me. I’m happy now, and to be honest with you, that’s pretty good in my book.