An open letter to Eric Wahlforss of Soundcloud.

An open letter to Eric Wahlforss of Soundcloud.

Dear Eric,

Wow. How dumb am I? Seriously, talk about biting the hand that feeds you.


ERIC! Yes, your name is Eric Wahlforss.

One half of the duo that created Soundcloud.

You were so nice to me and I had such a blast at the party of your company that I wrote a blog about it, and then I did the ultra stupid move of telling everyone our private party secrets in that blog.

Those secrets clearly should have stayed in Vegas, because, you know, I should have known that you say nice things to everyone at parties and stare everyone in the eyes that intensely and just because we held hands by the water and you told me how you felt like we’ve known each other forever, even though we just met and it was nice, I should have known that it was “just another party.”

But then on top of that, I CALLED YOU ALEX IN THE BLOG POST!

Of course, Alex is Alex Ljung, your partner at Soundcloud.


Jesus, this is worse than waking up naked in your bed the next morning and calling you Alex, because at least then I could have cleared my throat when I saw the look on your face and pretended like I didn’t say Alex, but what I really said was the beginning of,

“Ah-lex go get some breakfast, I’m hungry.”

I know how competitive life must be between you and your business partner Alex, and me saying all those nice things about you, then calling you Alex must have felt like a swift kick in the nards, or worse, a swift kick in the nards by Alex himself.

Seriously though, this can’t be the first time this has happened. This has to happen all the time, right,

I mean, look at this photo of you two.

Tall guys are named Alex. Tall, skinny, dark-haired guys who are kind of awesome and from Sweden are named Alex Ljung.

And shorter guys with glasses who pop off at the mouth and goof around all the time and are shorter, and goofier, and are way shorter are clearly named Eric Wahlforss.


I know how competitive doing a start-up can be. I do. I have two partners at my company.

It’s me, myself and I, and sometimes I get so pissed at myself for being so arrogant, and taking all the credit for everything, I just need to get away and dream of killing myself.

I know. It gets bad.

I can imagine Alex, after he read my blog, busting into your office and screaming,

“HA! I was so drunk at the party that I charmed the shit out of that comedian and I don’t even remember! HE LOVES ME! It’s ALL ABOUT ME! I’M WAY BETTER THAN YOU ERIC, YOU SUCK! I MADE SOUNDCLOUD AWESOME!”

And it’s not true, Eric. Don’t you listen to him. You just keep being you, and you know what, someday people will recognize, and when I say some people, I mean me, and when I say recognize, I mean get your name right.

Please forgive me and give me another chance at the next Soundcloud party, hopefully for the same amount of money.

With love and magic in my eyes.

MF David Deery.

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