How I met your mother, if your mother was Mike Tyson.

How I met your mother, if your mother was Mike Tyson.


Doesn’t it just seem like everyone’s trying to hard? Don’t you hate a name dropper? I do. I know him, and I know her, and I do this with them when I want to say who, what, where, and why. If I was gonna drop names, I would make it count. Like I would mention the time I met Mike Tyson in the elevator of the Trump International hotel in NYC. I was so drunk that when Mike Tyson stepped onto the elevator with a blunt, I thought he was actually Kool Kieth. He’s not exactly as big as you would imagine. It was winter and he had a jacket on, but he wasn’t taller than myself and he really didn’t look that brutal, like he could smack my teeth out in one swing. He was wearing a massive medallion, also lending him that rapper look, more than that former heavyweight champ look he would garnish in the gym with gloves and trunks on. I was in the elevator with my then girlfriend Alexis and one other friend, let’s just call him Mr. Brown. Mr Brown was the man with the room at the Trump hotel, he also had quite a collection of exotic marijuana strains, and it turns out he has a better eye for former heavy weight champs than I did at the time, so when Mike Tyson offered him a hit of the blunt, he mearly said, “If you’ld like to smoke some real weed, come visit me in room 545. I got the knockout green.” Mike just smiled as the elevator doors opened. “What room?” Mike said.

Moments later, in the luxury sweet with Mr. Brown, We laughed, drank, and as he lit a bongs worth of chronic, there was a knock at the door. My then girlfriend Alexis peeped through the peephole. “It’s Mike Tyson, with two other guys”

Moments later with a freshly ordered bottle of Dom P in hand, Mr Brown poured us all a glass of champagne. Surely smoking weed with the former heavyweight champ, potentially the greatest heavyweight champ of all time was something to toast! “go on Mike, you make the toast.”

“To weed. If more people smoked this stuff, there would be no more war.”

I’ll drink to that!

On a side note. If I was a betting man, or even a smarter sports fan, I possibly could have made the easiest bet on a sporting event in my life. I met Mike Tyson around 6 or 7 months before he fought Lennox Lewis, a fight many thought would be the comeback of “Iron Mike.” After he left, Myself and my then girlfriend Alexis were leaving the hotel around 5am. We saw Mike and his “friends” hanging outside the front of the hotel. I said to her, “shouldn’t he be training?” what I should have said was, “where can I bet my life savings on Lennox Lewis?”

Oh to be the best!

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