My first magazine cover!

My first magazine cover!

Congratulations to me.

Shitty Cover

In the imortal words of that other MF’er it looks like it’s gonna be a Great Day Today!

That’s right, put the Doom and gloom talk in the closet until the next fake apocalypse, because this MF, he gets down, he puts, wait, how does that even go?

I’m lost. I’m lost in Germany doing stand up comedy.

Send help! But not the kind of help that likes to drink on the streets and do drugs and likes techno, I’m afraid that help would be deemed powerless quite quickly, this city is a help eater.

But speaking of help, help is indeed on the way, in the form of some publicity for the so called English language comedy scene that is taking Berlin by storm and leaving everyone asking the question,

“wait, there’s an English comedy scene in Berlin?”

Yes, and yours truly will tell you all about it, in this months Shitty Berlin.

Front cover. Interview.


Fame. Fortune. Women. Men. Dogs. Cars. Expensive bottles of Club Mate.


I’ll be able to post the interview when the mag is out, but until then, feast your eyes on my first ever magazine cover that I unfortunately have to share with the guy who looks like me.

No one said it’s pretty, but it has arrived.

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